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Spa Termal

Our most valuable jewel?

Thermal water, a source of health and wellness

Our clients often ask us what it is that makes their bodies so relaxed and full of vitality after a few hours in our Thermal Spa.

The secret lies in the composition of the thermal water, whose therapeutic properties have been known since the Bronze Age. At the Blancafort Thermal Spa we have been extracting it directly from the spring at over 55ºC for our clients since 1840.

What makes it different from conventional water? The difference lies in its chemical composition.

Apart from the essential elements that make it up, our thermal water is rich in bicarbonate (167 mg/L), chloride (71.8 mg/L) and sodium (140.7 mg/L), which gives it very beneficial mineral-medicinal properties for the skin, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and blood circulation.

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Spa Termal Blancafort

The Blancafort Thermal Spa is a wellness centre where we combine the most traditional knowledge and the most innovative therapies with the mineral-medicinal properties of our waters, pursuing a single objective: to take care of our guests, making them feel unique and helping them to achieve complete wellbeing.

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Natatorium and Templarium Circuit

A world of sensations featuring two different thermal circuits.

Natatorium Circuit

Imposing thermal water pool, with jacuzzis, swan necks and waterfalls, which help to achieve a state of balance and total relaxation. It also has a rest area where you can enjoy a purifying drink and an area of water beds with micro-bubbles designed to enjoy a relaxing bath in a context of absolute peace.

Templarium Circuit

Inspired by the ancient Roman thermal baths, the Templarium is one of the most charming corners of our Thermal Spa.

The pools Frigidarium at 17ºC, Tepidarium at 36ºC and Caldarium at 40ºC play the leading role in a game of contrasts at different temperatures, activating blood circulation. A rest area with stone benches and the multiple therapeutic effects of the Dry Sauna which, in combination with the ice fountain, bucket shower and sensation shower, will culminate a unique experience in this thermal circuit.

The garden pools

Surrounded by lush gardens, the garden pools invite you to enjoy a moment of disconnection and fun in an incomparable setting.

Balinese Zone

"The way of magic"

To enjoy a treatment in the Balinese Zone is to explore a world of sensations and experiences that transport you beyond borders. Just by walking through the door, we enter a space full of different notes and aromas, which infuse us with an incredible inner serenity, as if on an immediate journey to the magic of the Far East.

Zahir Baths

"Once you have seen it, you cannot forget it"

Land of perfumes, spices and deep-rooted traditions, the Zahir becomes one of our most exquisite jewels. Intimate moments, rituals impregnated with secret essences, textures that caress the soul... All experienced in a unique setting that seems to be taken from an ancient fairy tale. Unforgettable.

Our essence... Thermal water.
Our guarantee of success: our constant evolution. Elegance: the way we present ourselves to the world...

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Thermal water, a source of health and wellness

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